Securing Jenkins with Auth0

We recently (yesterday) switched our Jenkins authentication from the Github authentication plugin to Auth0. We had a few reasons for this… We wanted more fine grained control over permissions We didn’t want everyone with Github access to have Jenkins access We eventually want single sign-on with other 3DSIM applications We were already using Auth0 for other things Bottom line. We switched. The process had some minor quirks, so figured I’d write a guide for my future self to follow next time I have to set this up… Configure Auth0 Credit goes to this question on stackoverflow for getting me headed in the right direction. »

DockerCon 2016 Highlights Day 2

Continuing from my post from yesterday… Here are the Day 2 Notes and Highlights. Day 2 Keynote Keynote summary…. monetizing docker. (This is a good thing because that means new features funded will continue flowing down to the open source offerings.) Docker Data Center Docker Trusted Registry Docker Universal Control Plane HP Datacenter Enterprise Demo Showed SQL Server running in a docker container on linux. Interesting. Debugging a .net app running in a container from VS Code ADP CTO short talk… he’s very nervous. »

DockerCon 2016 Highlights Day 1

At 3DSIM we believe in continuing education and investing in our developers. We put that into practice in many ways and one of those ways is to encourage developers to attend a conference. This year I’m attending DockerCon in Seattle. Here are some running higlights… Day 1 Keynote highlights Docker for Mac allows you to debug code running in a container and live reload it. (Need to figure out details) Docker for Mac Beta is now open to anyone at Docker 1.12 will have orchestration features built-in. »

Using Hugo and Wercker to Create and Automate Your Own Site

As engineers making our own blog, we all naturally want to make it AAAAAAWESOOOME. We want a cool language. We want to use git everywhere. We want PRs! We want it to be fast. We want automation, lots and lots of automation. We also want it simple. Like “1 or 2 hours” simple. This blog you’re reading has all of that. It…. Is….. Awesome. But we can’t really take credit. Thanks to Hugo, Github, and Wercker you too can have an have an AAAAAAWESOOOME site or blog. »